We are ./games (Pronounced Dot Slash Games).


We are currently working on our first full game, Return to the Bygone. This is based on an old Ludum Dare game we jammed out together in 72 hours.
Return to the bygone is an exploration puzzle game, we'll be releasing more info here and on our social media channels.
We have previously worked together on other jam games, such as our game for Jamchester, a mobile VR game where you play as a blind superhero, with daredevil-esque powers.


Jessica Winters

Jessica is a freelance developer, musician and artist based in North West England.
She has been making games since she was 8 years old. She runs her business Adeliae Creative full time.

Andrea Maestri

Andrea is a student based in Northampton, closing in on his final year, he already has an impressive portfolio of artwork.
He met Jessica at a local game jam "Jamchester", where they collaborated on a mobile VR game.